Useful Links & Resources

  • Safer
    A great site for determining the safety of your car, or a car you are thinking of buying.
  • Kelly Blue Book
    Car Reviews, Blue Book Values and Tips on Buying New and Used Cars.
  • Consumer Information
    Consumer Information from the Federal reserve website
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    U.S. Department of Transportation – Articles & Information, Studies & Reports, Frequently Asked Questions, and more.
  • Penn-DOT
    Pennsylvania Department Of Transportation, Online Guide to Vehicle Registration, Titles, & Locations.
  • Pennsylvania Department of Insurance
    The Pennsylvania Insurance Department is an objective source of information that can help you understand the complexities of your insurance coverage. When it comes to insurance, knowledge is your best policy.
  • CHIP
    CHIP is short for the Children’s Health Insurance Program – Pennsylvania’s program to provide health insurance to uninsured children and teens.
  • Pennsylvania State Agencies
  • Insurance Information Institute
    The Insurance Information Institute (III) is recognized by the media, governments, regulatory organizations, universities and the public as a primary reference for questions concerning insurance.


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